I tried the new feature of foobar2000 mobile by adding my FTP server in the list of media library but it doesn't work.
The "test" button returns me "unknow command".
I suppose that the FTP server of Vodafone Station Revolution doesn't know some commands sent by the foobar2000 client.

Below the result launching the "pp-ftp-test-v2.exe"

C:\Users\Fabio\Desktop>pp-ftp-test-v2.exe ftp://anonymous:xxx@
 >> 220 vodafone.station FTP server ready.
 << USER anonymous
 >> 331 Guest login ok, send your email address as password.
 << PASS xxx
 >> 230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
 >> 500 'OPTS UTF8 ON': command not understood.
 << TYPE I
 >> 500 'TYPE I': command not understood.
Failure: Unknown command
Below there is the result of launching "help" from windows FTP client to the FTP server of Vodafone Station Revolution
ftp> help
I comandi possono essere abbreviati. I comandi sono:

!               delete          literal         prompt          send
?               debug           ls              put             status
append          dir             mdelete         pwd             trace
ascii           disconnect      mdir            quit            type
bell            get             mget            quote           user
binary          glob            mkdir           recv            verbose
bye             hash            mls             remotehelp
cd              help            mput            rename
close           lcd             open            rmdir