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Thread: Cuesheet & other formats support

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    Cuesheet & other formats support

    Dear Peter,
    First of all, thank you very very much for the development of foobar2000 for the iOS platform. And continuous efforts to develop it to a better level.
    In iOS, there are many music players free to try and paid versions but when foobar2000 arrived and reached todayís level, I really very very happy to enjoy music in mobile platform remembering the foobar2000 for desktop which is awesome.

    Foobar2000 for iOS has achieved such a degree compared to the desktop version but lacking the versatility. Please do understand that itís time to add some essential features which will support user to enjoy foobar2000 to a mature level.

    Itís badly needed the cuesheet support and other formats (e.g. ape,Wv,.iso ...even DSD) to achieve the full potential of the foobar2000. Many of those apps already gain those in iOS platform, up and running as well. So, please add these to the future roadmap.

    Best regards.
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