Hi all.

I recently updated my foobar2000 for Android, directly from 1.1.5 to 1.1.16. After rescanning my whole library, my songs that are with tags remains OK, but all songs that are without tags became blank-titled in "Title" and "Suffle All Tracks" on the first screen.

Songs without tags display their filenames as titles in 1.1.5, but display a blank string in 1.1.16 (perhaps since 1.1.8, after seeing the changelogs).

I prefer to label my songs by filenames and remove all the tags to fully reduce file sizes (on my phone, and of course, use lossy formats with low bitrates). In 1.1.5, since filenames are displayed as titles, I can search for songs, when I would like to, by filenames. But after upgrading, almost all songs became the same title - blank title - and therefore making searching songs impossible.

Moreover, I believe it is common for most music players to display filenames as titles for files without tags, not display a blank string.

So, would the developers consider this little situations, by displaying filenames as titles for files without tags, just as the versions before 1.1.8 ?

I would appreciate it.