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Thread: RE: Foobar On Amazon Fire HD Tablet (help?)

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    Question RE: Foobar On Amazon Fire HD Tablet (help?)

    Hi folks,

    My first post here! Moderators please feel free to relocate this question if I have inadvertently posted it in the wrong section.

    I am relatively new to foobar and installed it on my Win_10 PC laptop towards the end of last year. I am very pleased with its functionality.

    I would like to install (if possible) foobar onto my Amazon Fire HD tablet, please. I believe there is a possibility that this should work OK.

    There appears to be, if I am not mistaken, three options for the type of Android device for the end user. I am not sure which to choose, please, for Amazon Fire? Please see screenshot/link:


    The staff at Amazon only provide such support for apps which are directly available from their PlayStore; of which Foobar is not listed.

    Many thanks in advance for any kind assistance offered here.


    Paul (UK)
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