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    Hi everyone,
    I signed up as a follower, no access to alpha code. Have to wait

    Are there some screenshots available to show us what FoobarMobile looks like on a phone / tablett ?

    Thanks and keep up the good work

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    Re: Screenshots

    I would appreciate some screenshots too. Even better would be a short screencast demonstrating basic navigation and features.

    Is it permitted for alpha testers to privately share pictures or footage of alpha builds within this forum? For example, via forum attachments, or an unlisted YouTube clip?

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    Re: Screenshots

    It is permitted yes.

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    Re: Screenshots

    Alright then, some Alpha 5 screenshots from Android:

    playback_000.jpg playback_001.jpg playback_002.jpg

    options_001.jpg options_002.jpg

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    Re: Screenshots

    How much of this will be configurable to look differently?
    What about material design?

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    Re: Screenshots

    Thank you very much for the screenshots!
    Great to see that Meier Crossfeed is available in the DSP chain.

    Is it possible to use Title Formatting to tweek the way titles/artists/albums
    are displayed in the browser?

    If so, then both of my mandatory requirements will bei fulfilled.

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