just updated to the latest and saw some improvements such as file location displayed in Play Location's browser. However there are still a couple things I'm not sure what to do

1. is it possible to have file location/subdirectory as a new category in addition to the current Album, Artist...etc? I would like to play song grouped by their subdirectories, but still not able to or hasn't found a way to do so with Foobar2000 Mobile

2. when create new playlist using Play Location, songs under the same subdirectory can be far apart with songs from other subdirectories interleaved
ex. for this tree. Play Location may generate playlist like below, which is out of order
Directory Tree

Play Location generated playlist
1. abc/d.tak
2. abc/e.tak
3. ccc/h.tak
4. ccc/i.tak
5. abc/f.tak
6. abc/g.tak
7. ccc/j.tak