I basically encounter same issue like people in following thread, just on iOS instead of Android:


My tech specs:

- iOS 11.4.1 (and if i remember correctly it also appeared on 11.4)
- Foobar2000 1.1.9 (definitely had this issue on 1.1.8 as well)
- iPhone 8
- I only use mp3 files
- bluetooth connections to headphones and a Raspberry Pi is effected
- wired connections like Apple headphones (Thunderbolt connector), third party headphones (with Thundbolt-Jack-Adapter) and replay in 'dock mode' are effected too

In 9 out of 10 attempts Foobar is not able to play first song without interruption. After replay has stopped suddenly and I want to wake the phones screen, briefly the Foobar app can be seen but it dissappears straight away, like its been terminated.

If you need to know further details about issues: let me know.

Many thanks for your efforts