I've recently purchased a new Android phone (running Android version 8.1 if I'm not mistaken), Xiaomi Mi A2, and downloaded fb2k to play my music on it.
My problem is that when I list the music folder as a Library folder on the app, the files won't show up in album list, artists, etc. (files are properly tagged from my main Library on my PC). Even when I try to open specific files via foobar, it just wont find any of them.
At first, I couldn't find the files at all, because for some reason they were hidden, but I've since corrected that and they now show up on the file manager.
foobar plays the files when I select them in the phone's own file manager, but it won't find them as part of its music library when I add the music folder to the library.
The files are stored in the phone's internal memory and I've transferred them via Wi-Fi using TuneFUSION.

Thanks in advance for any help