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Thread: Gapless Questions / Playback from Folders

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    Gapless Questions / Playback from Folders

    Hi. I love this app. I really do. I have been using it on the PC and Mac for ages. One thing that I love to do is use the random shuffle feature to play .wav files in a gapless way (without crossfading). Is this possible on the mobil version? I guess if the cross fade is set to zero that would be cool. Did I miss it?

    Also, can I set the app to play all the files in a folder?

    Is there an online manual???

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    Re: Gapless Questions / Playback from Folders

    take a look at the "DSP manager" then the "Skip silence" option, choose "Yes" and put "Minimum silence duration" to the minimum, don't check the "Leave the initial period intact" and put the cursor of "Silence detection..." more to the right... That's cooler like this !

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