OS: Android ver. 8.0.0
Kernel version 4.4.13-13824581-QB18815400
Build number: R16NW.A530FXXU2BRG3

Phone model: Samsung Galaxy A8

App: ver 1.1.18
ARM 64-bit
FFmpeg ver 4.0

Filetypes: mp3/mp4

Headpones: Regular

Steps to reproduce:
Play any song.
Wait random amount of time.
Song is stopped.

Console message:
"Could not check if the device is on AC power: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'anrdoid.content.Intent com.foobar2000.foobar200.MainService.registerRecei ver(android.content.BroacastReceiver, android.content.IntentFilter)' on a null object reference".
Look like you have a null reference buf in some method (RegisterReceiver)