Let's pick this apart from someone who as never heard of foobar!

1.Fundraising outside of a well known platform? That's a red flag right there for any consumers not already knowledgeble of the product.

2.The video thumbnail doesn't really tell me anything. I'll watch it later.

3.Tag line: "revolutionized PC audio players." So is this like WAMP? Do people even know what WAMP is anymore?

4.Foobar200 Team? But I don't even know what the product is!

5.OH! The "Team" section is actually their About section

6."and is the most used audio player outside of iTunes." Oh, so it's like iTunes. I already use iTunes, why should I switch?

7.The rest just reads like the developers wrote about their product to themselves or people who already use Foobar. I still don't know why I should care as someone who as never used Foobar. I already have iTunes on my Mac, Windows, and iOS devices. Does this include cloud streaming functionality? What exactly do the iOS and Android versions do?

8.We FINALLY get to the interesting part: Cloud foobar2000. This page was definitely written by a developer. A marketing team would have put this at the top.