I have a strange issue that just came up. I had been using version 1.3.something for a long time on windows 10 without any issues.

Just recently foobar stopped playing any sound. I could get sound through any of my output devices previously, but no got nothing from foobar. Foobar would run and show tracks as playing, but no output. In same conditionas VLC would play the same files without issue.

Uninstalled it, reinstalled v 1.4, with no luck. Several uninstall, reboots, reinstalls, no difference.

Then i tried installing the portable version. And it works. Tried uninstalling that, then reinstalling as standard, then no sound.

I would prefer to associate files so prefer the standard install. I assume there is something wrong with the standard installer and/or the registry, maybe Windows 10 has done something weird with an auto update.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks!