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Thread: How do I make it forget old FTP links?

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    How do I make it forget old FTP links?

    Hi there!

    I've recently changed an FTP server that stores a lot of my music. It's not a big deal. I've created a new playlist from what the player found. But when I tried to play the playlist, the player showed errors that it could not load songs from the old location. Right, I've forgotten to remove another playlist. Why doesn't it plays only the current playlist? Nonetheless, even after I removed all playlists and created a new one for the new FTP server, the errors were not gone! The player became unusable until I reset it loosing all the settings.

    1. Under Play Location, enter a valid URL and Create Playlist from it.
    2. Under Playback Order, choose Shuffle and click Reshuffle now to be sure.
    3. Finally, make the entered URL invalid and see what the player tries to load next.

    I don't actually want to try to reproduce it. If you don't get the result, I will try but otherwise I would not.
    Maybe, you just add a function to clear cached music metadata and playlists? BTW, clearing the app cache by system means didn't help.

    Version Info
    foobar2000 Mobile 1.1.18 ARM 32-bit
    FFmpeg version: 4.0
    Android 7.0, kernel 3.18.31 still

    Another thing is that the currently played song doesn't get updated in the persistent notification but it's fine to unlock from time to time.
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