A foobar mobile skin (.fbskin) is created using the foobar mobile skin compiler (windows only), which compiles multiple skins and images into a single file.

A single skin will contain 8 skins, skins are resolution independent, the 8 skins are needed to accurately cater to the various aspect ratios needed for the various devices, each skin contains:


All files when creating a skin should be in a single folder, edit the skindef.skindef file (drop existing onto notepad). Then edit the .txt skin files. Finally double click the skindef.skindef file to run SkinDesigner.exe to compile the skin.

Example skindef.skindef file:

name: Test Skin
author: Spoon
version: 1.0
defaultart: noart.png
iconplay: iconplay.png
iconpause: iconpause.png
iconfolder: iconfolder.png
backgroundcol: 255,255,255
genericfont: 0,0,0
artistfont: 128,128,128
titlefont: 0,0,0;bold
albumfont: 0,0,0

skin: 4000x2250 landscape-16-9-4000x2250.txt
skin: 4000x2500 landscape-16-10-4000x2500.txt
skin: 4000x2666 landscape-3-2-4000x2666.txt
skin: 4000x3000 landscape-4-3-4000x3000.txt

skin: 2250x4000 portrait-9-16-2250x4000.txt
skin: 2500x4000 portrait-10-16-2500x4000.txt
skin: 2666x4000 portrait-2-3-2666x4000.txt
skin: 3000x4000 portrait-3-4-3000x4000.txt

Running SkinDesigner, compiles the skin to a single .fbskin file and then renders the skin in an example program which allows the various devices to be tested against your skin.

The Now Playing page can be 100% skinned, the browse and playlist pages (and settings) offer minimal skinning beyond colour setting.

In the .skindef file are the following elements:

defaultart - a place holder image for when the player is stopped, or a file has no art.
iconplay, iconpause, iconfolder are icons to be used in track listing, they should be at least 400x400 pixels and contain an alpha layer.
backgroundcol - the background colour for Browsing and Playlist, in r,g,b
genericfont - the font used, specifies colour in r,g,b and optional ;bold;itallic values, example 0,0,0;itallic
artistfont - font used for artist
titlefont - font used for title
albumfont - font used for album