First … Kudos to all concerned for what is I think overall a pretty good job. And it seems to work! However, (you knew that was coming right?) I believe, from a response to another thread, that this is intended for use by "anyone", not level 2 and up Geeks. I’m certainly the former not the latter. I'd say that this mostly meets that goal other than perhaps cosmetically, but there's a few gaps. I daresay others may have listed some of these thoughts but anyway here are mi dos pesos. These will range from the major to the relatively trivial. Or important (IMNSHO) to nice to have.

Browse Screen (aka Main page?)

  • There are more than 7 options in an unstructured list. This makes it harder to comprehend at a glance.
  • Move [Playlists] up
  • Should [Title] be [Songs]? iOS Music uses the latter. Title is ambiguous (although arguably having [Albums] button resolves the ambiguity if you think about it …. but we don’t want to have to think do we!)
  • If you are going to include [Style] why not also [Mood] or [Decade] or ….
    Id suggest moving to [Advanced Search]
    Also not sure about [Composer]
  • IDEALLY, an advanced setting would let you select which fields to put in this Browse field list (maybe a from restricted choice)
  • Not sure I’d have [Shuffle] here; I’d have Play / Shuffle buttons on ALL the screens listing songs (or albums or artists).
  • Put a spacer under above Advanced / Music Folder / Media servers.
  • I assume this screen defines the aesthetic you are looking for. It’s certainly not glitzy. I quite like it actually, it’s very clean.
  • Help should be in [?] on the menu bar, not buried in settings (see also Navigation/Settings section)
  • (Not sure about this one …) Maye show the currently playing song info (text) at the top and double maybe the next track.
  • So my suggestion is to group something like this

[Album Artist / Album]

[Advanced Search]

[Foobar Music Folder]
[Media Servers]

Album Artist / Album

  • Help, again.
  • [Add a shuffle button]
  • Multi album artists … The album list … The [all] and [shuffle] buttons look weird – way too big - in grid mode. But hey, great to have them even if they do look funny!


  • Don’t hide the display format in Settings / Advanced. See Navigation/Settings section.
  • Add Shuffle buttons…

Advanced Search

  • Add Bitrate (perhaps with option for user to specify min and or max)
  • Genre not included (but other items like Artist from the main Browse section are)
  • On the results list (eg Years) allow multiple selections
  • Maybe an include / exclude for selection(s)
  • Would be great to allow combinations. Two approaches:
    • Have a “really advanced” search with text queries using keywords and a simple operators,
    • OR, better:
      Use nested menus …
      On a results screen have a button to bring up the advance search screen, but the domain is now the selected items not the whole library
      So you can find all “Rock” Excluding “Metallica” (just a fer instance lol)
      or get a list of Classical by Composer

FTP Transfer

  • Include status info on the current transfer (client IP address, current file, % done; total files 3 / 10 ; 210 / 850 MB etc)

Navigation / Settings

  • Id have a [?] on every screen; would show help for the current screen with button linking to main help.
    On the main page there would be a third option for Quick Start or Overview or something.
  • On screens with different display options (like Album) id have a [View] button or icon
    This would include List / Grid; Show start / info; Sort order
  • Screens actually listing music should have a [Play] & [Shuffle] buttons
  • Whenever you are more than 1 deep into a menu tree, a long press on the “back” button should take you to the home screen.
  • If there are now too many ‘top level’ buttons on the nav bar, then Id have the context dependant stuff at the top of the list from the settings wheel, and then a spacer and then the global stuff (like DSP manager)
  • Under the Nav bar I’d have an info bar showing the current and next songs

Album Artwork

  • I haven’t pinned this one down yet but I think it is sometimes being shown larger that is really wise; ie it fills the (iPad) screen regardless of the image size. There is nothing worse than a large low rez image. This is probably one for the graphics experts.

Text / graphics Style

  • I quite like the current approach, but it certainly has no risk of being called trendy. Again it depends on the audience. I think if the small glitches are fixed (like the giant shuffle buttons) that would help. And maybe simple things like font, or using a bold / thicker font style in a dark grey[COLOR=*a9a9a9] [/COLOR][COLOR=*666666]Like this[/COLOR] [COLOR=*000080][/COLOR]might look a little more up to date. But there are probably more important things to deal with!