i transfer my mp3-folder (shared on the desktop) via "music foobar folder" to the iPad.
this works without problems. all songs are available.

but i noticed the following:
1) all tracks end with "name.mp3.mp3" - why 2x mp3 ??
2) the tracks on the iPad are wildly mixed up in the foobar folder - not sorted by filename - ??
3) manual sorting not possible
4) single-album is displayed correctly.
with multiple discs the tracks are arranged wrong. there is always only one CD1 (no CD2, CD3, ...)
so there are always two numbers for double-cds: 1.01, 1.01, 1.02, 1.02, ... - therefore wrong arrangement
i don't know where the information whether it is CD1 or CD2 is read. if the info is read from the tag "discnumber", then there is an error. my tag "discnumber" is always correct!

i already mentioned 4) in october under "filename is changed". but until today there has been no reaction. no other users have reported. if i am the only one with this problem, what am i doing wrong?

please help
thank you

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