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Thread: questions for iPad (2017)

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    questions for iPad (2017)

    i transfer my mp3-folder (shared on the desktop) via "music foobar folder" to the iPad.
    this works without problems. all songs are available.

    but i noticed the following:
    1) all tracks end with "name.mp3.mp3" - why 2x mp3 ??
    2) the tracks on the iPad are wildly mixed up in the foobar folder - not sorted by filename - ??
    3) manual sorting not possible
    4) single-album is displayed correctly.
    with multiple discs the tracks are arranged wrong. there is always only one CD1 (no CD2, CD3, ...)
    so there are always two numbers for double-cds: 1.01, 1.01, 1.02, 1.02, ... - therefore wrong arrangement
    i don't know where the information whether it is CD1 or CD2 is read. if the info is read from the tag "discnumber", then there is an error. my tag "discnumber" is always correct!

    i already mentioned 4) in october under "filename is changed". but until today there has been no reaction. no other users have reported. if i am the only one with this problem, what am i doing wrong?

    please help
    thank you

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    Re: questions for iPad (2017)


    No answer yet.
    obviously only I have this problem.
    can't anyone really help me? what about the developers?


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    Re: questions for iPad (2017)


    new version of fb-mobile available, but nothing has changed.
    same sorting error as described in post above.

    please have a look into it.


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    Re: questions for iPad (2017)

    still 2 pictures purpose better illustration


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    Re: questions for iPad (2017)

    pics too small, once more

    2x extension

    wrong discnumber

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    Re: questions for iPad (2017)


    i've tested it once more

    the error must be in foobar.
    during the download you can see how the sequential numbering changes to 1 as soon as disc 2 is transferred.
    please have a look and correct.

    thank you

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    Re: questions for iPad (2017)

    new release and again no change !
    download via media server (Serviio) - with multiple CDs each CD starts with 1; therefore the track order within the CD is not correct anymore. I also didn't find a sorting possibility.

    please have a look and correct it.

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    Re: questions for iPad (2017)

    here is the answer from Serviio - please fix the error
    Answer Serviio.jpg

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    Re: questions for iPad (2017)

    new version out - problem solved


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    questions for iPad 2017

    Hi there,

    Currently I have two numbers within one Virgin Mobile account for my wife and myself. And we both have our Fongo Mobile accounts. Is there a way to port the two numbers to my wifes and my Fongo accounts respectively?

    Thanks for your help.


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