I have the following question to foobar mobile on Android 7, latest version.

- my phone works at 48000 Hz. I suppose it is sueful to enable resampler to 48000 Hz, if I have files also in other rates (mainly 44.1 but also 96 and 192). Is it the same resampler as dbpoweramp/SSRC that is installed with desktop foobar?
- how can I prevent to display album background when on lock screen all over the screen (sometimes this is very ugly). I can disable all messaging from foobar, but this way also the controls on the lock screen are completely lost.
- I read that Android supports 16 bit only on playback chain. Does foobar use any internal dither for playback after resampling? If so, can I choose which noise shaping will be used, or is it the default and the same at the desktop version where there is also a check box when I select 16 bit dither (although on desktop that is not neccesary since Windows support 24 bit if the dac supports it).
- is it better to use default Audiotrack or enable OpenSL in options? OpenSL sounds subjective a little bit better to me than Audiotrack.

Thank you for answering