not sure if it's the same thing as
still seeing random crashes after long playback time. frequently doing 10-40min playback per use without quitting/exiting Foobar2000 mobile and resume playback the next time I use it.

my checking/debugging procedure
1. from time to time, Foobar2000 would stop playing after a song's playback is done
2. now I can still see Foobar2000's icon on active programs bar when I look at the phone
3. Foobar2000's icon always disappear when I unlock the phone. this means Foobar2000 actually stopped running. probably crashed
4. now, if I tap on Foobar2000 to launch/enter it, I would notice all existing playback info were lost. this includes playback position in a playlist (context list?)
5. if I directly tap on Foobar2000's play button, Foobar2000 would start playing the first song in the playlist (context list?) instead of what it was playing somewhere in the middle of the playlist

the position of these crashes are random. since Foobar2000 no longer works properly with Bluetooth, my suspect is that some other program need to play sound and causes Foobar2000 to react in a very bad way such that Foobar2000 crashes itself. my phone is generally on DND (Do Not Disturb mode), so phone really shouldn't be producing any sound/notification anyways