Note, as for foobar2000 mobile 1.0.50 beta, the built-in FTP server makes these things much easier. If you're running the newest beta, you should probably look into FTP functionality first.

How to trasnfer music to foobar2000 mobile over wifi / UPnP
Compatible with: all versions of foobar2000 mobile.
Particularly relevant to iOS version as it lets you transfer media without using iTunes.

Step 1: install one of supported UPnP music servers

Step 2: In your foobar2000 mobile, browse "UPnP media servers"

Step 3: Locate the album you wish to download to your device
Or a whole larger folder, such as whole artist. Careful with transferring too much at once - see notes at the bottom about long-running transfers.

Step 4: Tap-hold the folder, choose 'Download'

Step 5: Choose download options
Some UPnP servers serve content in multiple formats, you will typically want to download in original format such as MP3.
On Android you may also choose the target location.

Step 6: Download
Note that downloading lots of content may upset your phone's power management.
  • iOS: Keeping audio playing while transferring will keep iOS from shutting us down.
  • Android: It Just Works (tm), no special workarounds necessary.
  • Windows Phone: The most restrictive of all systems, our transfer gets suspended if foobar2000 app loses focus ( another app becomes active or the device becomes locked ). We're hoping to improve this in future updates.

Once completed, a library rescan pass will be initiated automatically.