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Thread: UPnP will only load 100 items in playlist

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    UPnP will only load 100 items in playlist

    In the current beta version of the android foobar app, it will only load the first 100 items in a playlist. I tested it with another program (VLC) and it would load the entire playlist, and as far as I can remember, the previous version also loaded the entire playlist, so this might be associated with the update to UPnP implementation.

    Some screenshots:
    foobar2000 on my windows 10 PC (268 entries):

    playlist on foobar2000 android (cutting off at the 100th entry):

    same playlist loads fine in vlc on android:

    is there a way to revert to the previous build for me until this is fixed? many of my playlists are affected. thank you! [EDIT: i was able to install the previous version by leaving the beta program]
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    Re: UPnP will only load 100 items in playlist

    I was experiencing the same problem when using MinimServer for my UPnP. following your suggestion of leaving the beta program in the play store and uninstalling the beta and reinstalling the stable fixed the problem.


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