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Thread: UPnP will only load 100 items in playlist

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    UPnP will only load 100 items in playlist

    In the current beta version of the android foobar app, it will only load the first 100 items in a playlist. I tested it with another program (VLC) and it would load the entire playlist, and as far as I can remember, the previous version also loaded the entire playlist, so this might be associated with the update to UPnP implementation.

    Some screenshots:
    foobar2000 on my windows 10 PC (268 entries):

    playlist on foobar2000 android (cutting off at the 100th entry):

    same playlist loads fine in vlc on android:

    is there a way to revert to the previous build for me until this is fixed? many of my playlists are affected. thank you! [EDIT: i was able to install the previous version by leaving the beta program]
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