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Thread: WP8.1 version feedback

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    WP8.1 version feedback

    I want to start a new thread for all alpha testers on WP8.1.
    My first quick check is that all I need works. The UI is a little bit confusing as it is not every time clear where in the Tools or browse level I am - and suddenly press back and the app closes - as I do not know that I am on the highest level...

    More testing will be done tonight - family time now...

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    I might miss and overlook something, but how can I create or use playlists?
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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Playlists are not currently implemented.

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    I've installed newest (1.1.2) version recently and was eager to use it right away. But playback from any source I tried (url-streams and locally a couple of file types) is repeatedly interrupted almost every one second, with some scattering-like distortion. It's like there is not enough hardware resources to play it smoothly.
    My platform is:
    Phone Prestigio MultiPhone 8500 Duo
    OS Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1
    Chipset Qualcomm MSM8212 Snapdragon 200
    CPU Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
    GPU Adreno 302

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    One issue, one suggestion:
    1. I have one album named Physical Graffiti, CD2 - on my machine (1.1.2) only Physical Graffiti, appears the CD2 is missing

    2. If I go to Browse down to album level, I can still search - does that make sense - is anyone searching on that level? As the search button looks ugly and takes space, I would suggest to skip that on the lowest browse level... But it might be that I do not see a use case that is really useful...
    P.S.: Okay, I found a use case myself...
    But on my Lumia 925 the keyboard takes nearly half of the screen and I only see the first line of the (live) results - I guess this will be dealt with in a polished version...
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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Regarding "CD2" disappearing
    It's a side effect of an experimental feature added last week - convert "Disc 2", "CD2" etc to discnumber tags. Similar feature has been around for years in my other less known player. I will make this behavior opt-in.

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