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Thread: WP8.1 version feedback

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    And I have already noticed some small bug with the latest foobar2000 mobile version. Here is my situation description:
    Started a playback. Then left the phone untouched for a while. Then wanted to increase the volume, pressed the lock-button to light the screen up, and pressed volume-up hard button. Indication showed increasing the multimedia-volume from 10 to 30 (max) points but actual volume didn't change. Tried to adjust the sound volume a couple of times both directions, then slided my finger up to bring the desktop on the screen. Then tried to adjust the sound volume again, and it worked well. Locked the screen, tried again - works well.
    From that time I didn't try to reproduce the situation.

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Bug noted. However this might not be our issue, as we don't even handle volume control events, it's all controlled by the operating system.

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Cannot confirm the issue with not updating software version.

    Never noticed the situation described by our (martyr-of-Windows-Phone) Peter. Previous Windows Store package version was, now the latest is Foobar2000 shows the same package version and Version: 1.0.94.

    Good to know that the latest build is "stable and bug-free".
    Bad for me that it's probably the latest one.

    Thank you for this useful product!
    Appreciate your care very much!

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Now my own devices get 1.0.94 as well.
    For most of the day the whole store appeared non functional - apps would fail to install/update giving various error codes.

    Perhaps an issue with some European Windows Store server giving nonsense if none of you guys saw the issue.

    Still, I am 100% positive I got broken 1.0.85 from the store just yesterday (Thursday 2017-09-07).

    Spoke too soon.
    One of the phones gets 1.0.94, the other still gets 1.0.85......

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Another issue regarded to playback process separation to make music playback in background.
    Now the music gone background too deep! I would say underground! :-)
    Explanation is here.
    Restarted my phone (to avoid any side effects).
    Connected to the phone via Yamaha EPH-W22 Bluetooth adapter.
    Pressed Playback button on the adapter. Music file "A" started.
    Started the foobar2000 mobile application. Its screen shows another music file and that it's not played at the moment.
    Tapped playback on the screen. Music "B" started in accompaniment to music "A" being played.

    If I will break the sequence and at first start the app and tap Play button, it'll be ok.

    BTW, commands from mentioned above Yamaha adapter are well recognized. Even if the foobar2k app is not running and was not ever.

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Performance aspect.

    Sometimes I hear small pieces of silence. Cannot find out the reason, don't know how to reproduce.

    But I know that application has some "problematic" module tracks. Example:
    Chiptunes 2007 album, "download all tracks" link at the bottom of the page. In zip-file there is a folder called "chipyxa 5". There is "chipo_five_1.it", which cannot be played without delays on my smartphone. But on my ten-aged desktop PC it consumes only 20 to 25 percent of CPU time (in foobar2000).

    Maybe it's because the component used to play mod-files is non-optimized for Qualcomm MSM8212. Anyway, it is not critical, just noticed difference between mobile and desktop application.

    After all, not related to performance, this is not the only thing to make better. For example, mod-files have no seek-bar. Also, is there no way to show file properties (name, path, size, type etc.)?

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Certain file formats - in particular more complex module files, game music formats and Monkey's Audio high modes may require lots of CPU power to play and decode at sub-realtime speeds on mobile devices. You can tap+hold the offending track and run decoding speed test to confirm. Perhaps we can optimize this in the future somehow, as even the low end phones have multiple CPU cores which we don't utilize for decoding.

    Also if you use any DSPs enabled, see if disabling them helps.

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Hi Peter.
    Nice to see your answer! :-)

    It wasn't easy to make Decoding Speed Test.
    Reason *1: track is long, so with sub-realtime decoding speed it takes more than five minutes to be succeed, not easy to take care of test.
    Reason *2: during the test, you must keep music stopped (to avoid influence).
    Reason *3: if your phone will lock its screen, after unlocking you'll see "Resuming", and then you'll get to main menu (track-list), no signs of test. I think test is canceled upon phone screen lock. I need to increase "time before lock" parameter.
    Reason *4: in addition to problem from *3, you cannot do anything with your phone. No calls, no reading, no surfing. Switching to any other task from foobar2000 app will stop the test.
    Reason *5: due to absence of seek information within module-file, speed test' progress bar is not working, and you cannot estimate amount of time remaining to end the test.

    Despite that, I managed to finish the test:

    Total length: 6:52.592
    Info read time: 0:00.003
    Opening time: 0:00.016
    Decoding time: 7:29.134
    0.919x realtime
    Stats by codec:
    IT v8.88: 0.919x realtime

    Is there any way to see CPU usage?
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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    (Sorry about slow reply)

    Indeed looks like this particular IT file decodes at sub-realtime speeds. I recommend that you use desktop foobar2000 converter to render this file to another format and upload a converted version to the phone.

    As for Decoding Speed Test being hard to use, issues noted. The progress bar wasn't supposed to move in mid-song, only report progress when decoding a lot of songs which is what I typically do, I'll see if I can make it easier to use.

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