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Thread: WP8.1 version feedback

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    WP8.1 version feedback

    I want to start a new thread for all alpha testers on WP8.1.
    My first quick check is that all I need works. The UI is a little bit confusing as it is not every time clear where in the Tools or browse level I am - and suddenly press back and the app closes - as I do not know that I am on the highest level...

    More testing will be done tonight - family time now...

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    I might miss and overlook something, but how can I create or use playlists?
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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Playlists are not currently implemented.

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    I've installed newest (1.1.2) version recently and was eager to use it right away. But playback from any source I tried (url-streams and locally a couple of file types) is repeatedly interrupted almost every one second, with some scattering-like distortion. It's like there is not enough hardware resources to play it smoothly.
    My platform is:
    Phone Prestigio MultiPhone 8500 Duo
    OS Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1
    Chipset Qualcomm MSM8212 Snapdragon 200
    CPU Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
    GPU Adreno 302

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    One issue, one suggestion:
    1. I have one album named Physical Graffiti, CD2 - on my machine (1.1.2) only Physical Graffiti, appears the CD2 is missing

    2. If I go to Browse down to album level, I can still search - does that make sense - is anyone searching on that level? As the search button looks ugly and takes space, I would suggest to skip that on the lowest browse level... But it might be that I do not see a use case that is really useful...
    P.S.: Okay, I found a use case myself...
    But on my Lumia 925 the keyboard takes nearly half of the screen and I only see the first line of the (live) results - I guess this will be dealt with in a polished version...
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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Regarding "CD2" disappearing
    It's a side effect of an experimental feature added last week - convert "Disc 2", "CD2" etc to discnumber tags. Similar feature has been around for years in my other less known player. I will make this behavior opt-in.

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Hi Peter, no problem with the feature, but the comma remains and so there are still two albums... If only one album is seen, then it would be less of a problem...
    So I see at the moment "Physical Graffiti" and "Physical Graffiti," - so if only "Physical Graffiti" with all songs would appear that would be even a great improvement...

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    A positive experience today (but might be OS specific): If I unplug my mobile from the car hifi, foobar pauses playback - very nice feature...

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    Re: Disc number handling.
    Further fixes have been added so suffix of ", CD2" gets entirely stripped when extracting disc number tag.
    Disc number extraction has been made an opt-in feature as it may be undesired in certain scenarios.

    Re: Audio stuttering.
    Confirmed on Lumia 640 XL. A fix is being tested an will be made available as soon as I'm confident it works as it should.

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Hi Peter, great news...

    yesterday I had a problem that foobar has not found the files - although I played it a few minutes earlier - it was the same album - I could not reproduce it yet.
    My guess is that it might have to do with the indexing...

    When waking foobar up again, then the browse screen is the first; wouldn't it be better to start with the playing screen - so different start up - starting first time browse - starting from memory playing..

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