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Thread: WP8.1 version feedback

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    We are NOT dropping WP81 support. There will be at least one update for Windows Phone 8.1, with all new playlist manipulation features.

    Update for Windows 10 was delayed also because of development chain troubles.

    I'm converting the UI code from C++ to Csharp because C++ with XAML is outright broken. It was a mistake to start doing UI in C++ in first place, but I had no way to know that in advance. But the situation is finally improving, Visual Studio 2015 doesn't endlessly hang or do other idiotic things while editing user interface layouts.
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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Hi Peter!

    Thanks for letting us know. That truly really gives us hopes and makes much understanding.

    Regarding PC programming, I've got stuck in time when it was performed in basic, asm, pascal etc. So, it's very sad to realize that modern SDKs and all that stuff (development environment) around make so much trouble though they provide more ability also.
    Presently I'm dealing with cpus (siemens and others) taking control of sensitive processes. If something goes wrong/buggy/illogical, it makes strong pain in ones ass then. That gives me right to say that I feel this pain for you.
    Sorry for MS.

    Kindly waiting for stable release. =)

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    I run foobar2000 mobile UWP 1.05.55 on five (!) windows 10 devices, two of which are Lumias. Seems like the best player for me - due to vorbis, opus, replaygain and gapless support! :-)

    I'd like to share a few BUGS I found on my lumias (bugs are same on W10 builds 14986 - 15051) here:
    1. when the network status changes on my lumias (such as: enable flight mode, change from wifi to 4G or back etc.) playback stops. no error no sound, just stops. I can restart playback manually and it resumes from where it stopped. it doesn't matter whether foobar has focus or not.
    2. when the screen is locked, volume up down doesn't work. I have to switch the screen on first - but the phone can remain locked.
    3. Bluetooth won't transmit the artist. Groove does and so does MCplayer.
    4. On occasion, playback will get choppy when the phone's screen is off. unfortunately, it is rare and I have not determined yet how to reproduce that.
    5. the device's music library list sometimes doesn't show which song is currently playing. usually, there is a triangular icon in front of the track being played, but more often than not, it is missing.
    6. deleting files from the library list works, but... oddly.

    1. simple, sleek black (!) UI. works just great for me on my OLED displays.
    2. the UWP app works on all my devices.
    3. love the continuum support! I use it often on my and other's home theaters. we've all got lumia docks, and/or WiDi/Miracast enabled TVs.

    1. pleeeeeaaaassee add OneDrive streaming support?! but without sacrificing other functionality? I'd gladly pay for it.
    2. long shot, but: Cortana integration? at least the basics such as: "play...", "next", "previous", etc...
    3. option to automatically start playback when app launches - very convenient when I get in my car!
    4. use OneDrive to save/sync settings across devices?

    thanks guys for supporting a (dying?) exotic platform too!
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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    > 4. On occasion, playback will get choppy when the phone's screen is off. unfortunately, it is rare and I have not determined yet how to reproduce that.

    I get the same thing. It sort of sounds like it's burping. This is on a Lumia 950. I have tried both internal storage and the SD card, but that doesn't seem to make any difference (SD is a quality Kingston card). Rebooting seems to make it better, but that might be more of a placebo effect.

    Other than that, I love foobar2000 mobile!


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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    ok, I am now on windows build 15063.2 (probably the last preview before the creator's update. yay!) foobar says it is on 1.0.55 (store package 1.3.47).

    Some feedback:
    FIXED: Foobar2000 no longer stops playback when the network status changes.
    FIXED: Volume now works under lockscreen too.
    FIXED: (at least no problems yet) playback is no longer occasionally choppy.

    BROKEN: Artist still wont transmit via Bluetooth.
    BROKEN: Music library list sometimes still wont show which track is playing.

    all in all: Great stuff! Keep up the good work! (if the fixes are due to new W10 builds - still great. ;-)

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback

    Hi, I'm using version 1.0.61 on a Lumia 635 and since the last update I noticed that after selecting "All Tracks" of an artist in "Album Artist / Album" it shows the tracks in alphabetical order instead of ordered by album, is there a way to go back to that behavior?

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    Re: WP8.1 version feedback


    I am a foobar2000 user since the first version, actually I am using 1.0.67 on Lumia 950. I really love Foobar2000 mobile and I have some feedback :

    - BUG: If I stop playback and close the application, when I restart the application, it lost the progression and restart the playback by the start of the playlist (I think it should restart at the last music played, like Foobar2000 desktop). Note: I mainly use "Shuffle All Tracks" option for listen music.

    - BUG: The end of "Advanced preferences" menu is unreachable (I can see there is something after if I try, but this don't scroll):
    foobar2000 (2).jpg

    - IMPROVEMENT : For listing menus like Album, Titles, Composer, ... There is no alphabetic shortcut menu (Cf screenshot below) to jump to the wished letter directly. User need to scroll again and again, this is a pain with a big library.
    foobar2000 (1).jpg

    - SUGGESTION : Something in the Desktop version for easily sync library changes with the phone version.

    And Thanks a lot for this software, it is simply the best on Windows phone.

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