Skins on Android SteveR, 1212

Hi, I am a long time user of Foobar mobile. It is the ONLY apk I have found that shows a good "now playing" screen and has support for [composer].
I have recently tried successfully to create a new skin for Android. Overall very successful.
I have just one item I cannot resolve.

The skin compiler/reviewer successfully resolves [nextalbum] to the name of the next album.
However when loaded to Android it does not recognize/resolve the label and simply displays [nextalbum] as text.
Others such as [nextartist] and [nexttitle] work fine.
I cannot find any reference in the forum which uses this field, apart from the skin definition page.*post642
I have tried 2 android tablets running ver 5 and ver 6, neither resolve the [nextalbum] label.
I have also tried Foobar mobile 1.0.90 & 1.1.24

All suggestions welcome.
Is this a bug?