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My first posting here, so apologies in advance for any newbie errors...

In the latest version of Foobar2000 Mobile (version 1.1.26) a 100-item limit has appeared in Media Server content listings.

This issue wasn't present in previous versions - e.g. 1.1.24 - and is a really big problem for those of us with large libraries. The PC version (accessing the same Media Servers via the foo_upnp component's UPnP Browser) doesn't have this issue.

I'm using the Android version (various phones & tablets, Android versions ranging from 4.4.2 to 9), and the issue's present on every device. I see the same issue irrespective of which UPnP media server I'm accessing - I currently use both Minimserver and Synology Media Server.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any suggestions regarding config changes that might fix it?

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