I've spent several hours making playlists on mobile, because it's not possible to transfer playlists between PC and mobile. I switched SD cards and now all my playlists are gone. This is very frustrating. I'm not familiar with how stuff like this works on Android, but since playlists are just text files I hope it might be possible to store them in an easily accessible place on the device. This would make it a breeze to transfer playlists between PC and mobile and also to backup playlists for transfer between mobile devices. Any way to change all the pointers in the playlist to the new location would also work; I know the new file location path, and Foobar Mobile tells me what the old path is, there's just no way to change the paths in the playlist.

I'm obviously not looking forward to spending around 10 hours rebuilding all my playlists and the more I think about that, the more I realize I should probably just start using a player with playlist support. I love Foobar. Why is this even a thing??