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Thread: Bluetooth track display broken (Android)

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    Bluetooth track display broken (Android)

    The latest beta version has broken track display over bluetooth on my Samsung S9. It shows the first track played, but never updates for subsequent tracks. It always worked fine on previous versions.

    Thanks for a great app - best music player by far!

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    Re: Bluetooth track display broken (Android)

    Thanks for the bug report.

    What exact device are you showing titles on, some kind of bluetooth speaker I presume?

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    Re: Bluetooth track display broken (Android)

    It's my car - a Harman Kardon stereo. The audio plays just fine, it's just the display that no longer updates.

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    Re: Bluetooth track display broken (Android)

    has this been working on beta? it's been broken on stable since early last year (

    does it update again if you go to setting to change state to STOP, then go back and play again?

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