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    New skin: Minim ui

    Hello everyone!

    I'm new to foobar2000 mobile. I've only had it for 2 months or so. In the first few days, I tried to find skins that could act as my user interface, but didn't find much to my liking (expect for Metro UI, the layout is sleek). So I took it upon me to build a skin I would really love. I also decided to make it in 16 different colors, with two different icon layouts and two different backgrounds. That's 2x2x16 = 64 skins that I've built in the past month. Since it'd be impossible to upload a zip file large enough to contain them all, here's a link:

    I will soon make the PNGs and TXTs available for all of them, so you can play around and try to make it fit your needs. If you wish for any particular thing to be added, or if you would like to report a bug/mistake, leave a comment in the thread. I will try to fix/improve the skin when I have time.

    Some examples:

    -LUI (Light User Interface)

    -DUI (Dark User Interface)

    -Icon Layout V1 (thin colored lines)

    -Icon Layout V2 (round and color-filled)
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    Re: New skin: Minim ui

    A couple important points:

    -The skins are pretty heavy (4-5 MB) because the images are bigger than necessary. It reaches 10 MB for the original skin (orange), and 30 MB for the color gradient. Don't worry, it takes a little longer to open into the app, but the skin should run without any lag after that. At least it doesn't on my 2013 Nexus 5.

    -I didn't use anti-aliasing because a) that would be too long, and b) I'm not super-knowledgeable when it comes to picture editing. I have the necessary software, just not the necessary motivation. I chose quantity over quality, but the display still comes out really good in my opinion.

    -All landscape displays (16:9, 8:5, 3:2, 4:3) have the same configuration (see pictures above). In portrait mode, the 3:4 display is the only one that stands out, with an hexagon-shaped zone for the seven buttons that's aligned to the right. Since I couldn't test them all outside of the compiler (I don't have that many phones), tell me if there's something wrong about the appearance or the functionality.

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    Re: New skin: Minim ui

    Hi, cool skins! I have a OnePlus 7 Pro and am using the OnePlus version of DUI V2. What is different about OnePlus devices that you need entirely separate builds? I did notice when trying to modify the DUI V2 given in the PNGs/TXTs folder that various things didn't line up and icons were distorted. My screen is 19.5:9 so I know it doesn't conform to foobar's standard aspect ratios. I assume it's pulling from the 16:9 files?

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    Re: New skin: Minim ui

    Exactly. It pulls 16:9 usually, so I reduce the icon's height by the ratio of the two displays (19.5/16). Everything should appear normally if you use the files made specifically for 19.5:9. I too have a OnePlus (6T) now. I had to adapt the skins since I had a Nexus 5 before, with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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    Re: New skin: Minim ui

    Hey, thanks for replying. I don't believe you included the source files for OnePlus devices in the Drive folder; that's why I was working from the base DUI V2 files. Do you think you could add those?

    So I guess I won't be able to accurately preview the skin using the build program? I just want to shuffle some things around.

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    Re: New skin: Minim ui

    I'll see if I still have them. Probably will add them tomorrow.
    And yeah, the view will be crooked in the program.
    Send a picture after your modifications if you don't mind, I'm curious about what it'll look like.

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