Hi I've installing Foobar 2000 on my Windows 10 computer. It Works as desired, but only with the synchronised music from my OneDrive from the hdd. I found no default Folder for recording the playlist, also I stored in the subfolder playlist in the OneDrive Folder music syncronised to my computer.

Now I've installing on my Windows10 mobil cellphone, but I don't understand the way to find my music. My music is stored in my OneDrive (70GB), like all I'm doing, pictures, word, excell, mails.
Ok I slided in a micro sd Card with 400 GB volume and let syncronise my OneDrive music to the storechip in my phone.
But now I can't find my sd Card with the foolbar2000 mobil app.

I also like to use foobar2000 to install on my laptop, my ultrabook and on my Windows tablet, all operating with windows10. To the cristmas I'll get aa Android replacement for my Windows Lumia 950XL. What I'm doing wrong, why don't synchronise it as all other stuff do it automatically?