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Thread: Repeat single track

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    Lightbulb Repeat single track

    Currently in the Android version, there is a mode to repeat an entire album but not a mode to repeat just one track. I'd like to see this feature brought to the mobile version.

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    Re: Repeat single track


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    Re: Repeat single track

    Is it possible to add this feature on the Android phones and still be able to scrobble the same track each time on with Simple Scrobbler?

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    Re: Repeat single track

    There is "repeat one track" option, but its only in options, unfortunately it's very inconvenient to use. I also hope the repeat button in "playback controls" will have 3rd option to repeat one track also.

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    Re: Repeat single track

    I know that's an old thread by still there is no easy way to enable "repeat one track" feature. All players can do in instead of Foobar. Is it possible to add this, please?

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    Re: Repeat single track

    ooh so my feature request already exists by some one else..

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