I'm new here so I'm sorry of this subject has been raised before, please ignore if it has.

Sadly, with all it's limitations, iPlayer has risen to prominence for a variety of reasons, not least it's almost unique Air Play functionality. Most speaker systems available Sonos etc. require access to at least an iPhone to set them up exclusively on Air Play. And whilst I'm aware with a few systems there are workarounds, but frankly, I'm sick of messing around with hours worth of command line coding, and the required research to perform a simple function.

Sadly, music is one of the final nails in the coffin for Windows, for me. With an ageing and unconnectable 90's stereo I was confined to playing CD's on (it even has a mini disk player!) and could stream nothing. I even bought a third party, supposedly Air Play compatible adaptor.........I can't even find it on the network, nor on an iPhone although I guess it could be faulty.

So I gave in and bought an AZATOM speaker, subscribed to Apple for a 3 months free trial (uncommonly generous of them) and used iTunes on my Windows laptop to stream music to the speaker and my TV soundbar via an AppleTV 2, for a party we were having. Synchronised music in 2 rooms at last, and as many rooms as I care to buy Air Play compatible speakers for.

I haven't tried it yet but I believe Spotify has Air Play compatibility on certain devices; if Foobar could somehow incorporate Windows/Air Play compatability that operates as well as Apple devices, I'm sure there are droves of Windows users, forced to use Apple hardware just to get access to EASILY set up multiple music sources, waiting for one that can play FLAC files.

I'm currently in the process of coding to MP3 320 from my FLAC sources simply so I can use Foobar on my PC for localised listening through connected speakers, iTunes for social listening, a variety of Windows phone players (I still can't decide between any of them) and my car music system on SD card.

I fully understand this is probably too tall an order however this is a 'wish' list.

Good luck with the project.