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Thread: DSP Chain Presets

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    DSP Chain Presets


    I use player with different kind of sound sources. And, for example, when I listen my headphones, I use Meier Crossfeed + Equalizer configured to compensate the frequency response.
    When I'm at home, I use my stereo, and all I need is EQ, but different. Problems start here. First, i need every time enter the menu and switch each DSP manually. Second, EQ support only one preset.

    It would be great to see desktop imlementation of DSP Chain Presets in mobile versoin with switcher somewhere on Now Playing screen.

    And it would so much better (if it possible in Android (my case) or iOS, of course) if DSP presets can be bind with bluetoth devices, and presets automatically switch for all saved devices.

    Thanks for your work and attention!
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    Re: DSP Chain Presets

    will be great to have presets, enough manual switch for the beginning.

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    Re: DSP Chain Presets

    I am listening to music from the 1920s to nowadays. Each recording is usually quite randomly equalized, but 5-10 different dsp preset chain can work to correct them. From track to track I'd like to change them. I have many thousand tracks and cannot prelisten to each. It would be great to have a panel where one can choose the dsp chain on the fly.

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