A few things:

  1. Options to change the size of fonts in lists, lock-screen widget, etc. to display more information as desired. These screens keep getting bigger with more pixel density, but it never seems to translate into more information being displayed on-screen. I realize there are global settings for font sizes on the phone, but having settings specifically for FB2k mobile would be handy.
  2. Have album covers display from image files (cover.jpg, front.jpg, etc.) from the folder containing the file. The Files-On-Media already appears to do that for folders, but the covers don't show up on the playback controls screen.
  3. Have a folder view much like the one in the media library in the desktop version. I've always found it difficult to find what I'm looking for using Album/Artist/etc. modes especially for mixed collections. I also especially like the functionality of the desktop version where all descendants of a folder are also added to the playlist. The existing Files-On-Media view provides a basic file-level view, but having a view that organizes the files by folder, while maintaining the track listing like the other list views would be great.