First off, Amazing app! Still the best music app even with the problem I encountered.
I have a blackberry PRIV running on android 6.0.1 (no more updates for this phone).
The issue I encountered has to do with the widgets. I get three options for widgets in the android widgets menu. The first is just the album art. When I place the widget on the home screen, a black square appears saying "Couldn't add widget". For the button and mini-player widget, when I add either of them to the home screen, they initially appear for a second before opening up a menu of different options (which, as a side note, IS AMAZING! I really wish I could use them!). I can scroll up and down and look at all of the options. I am instructed to choose an option. For either of the widgets, choosing any of the options results in that menu closing, but no widget appearing on the homescreen. It is as though it disappeared. In the menu, I also tried hitting the back button on the phone rather than choosing an option, but this has the same result. There is also no way to not have the menu pop-up. I have tried re-installing the app and restarting the phone. I thought it might be my OS, in which case that's life, but it might also be a problem with the app? I just downloaded it, so I thought it might be the most recent update, but I looked through the forum and could not find anything, so maybe it is just me. Anyway, just thought I would let people know of the issue incase they want to investigate it. But seeing as the app is already amazing without the widget, I am still more than happy if there is no fix. Beggers can't be choosers!