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    Quote Originally Posted by playhouse View Post
    Can't confirm this. I'm on a Sony Z5C (Android 6.0.1), and Simple scrobbler doesn't detect any plays from foobar (it doesn't detect a system music player, either).
    you mean there are no detected apps at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rapchee View Post
    you mean there are no detected apps at all?
    Well, Simple LFM Scrobbler lists "Android Music Player" Apps under the active apps, but below it says "This app is not installed" (my translation).

    However, scrobbling works. Not perfectly, sometimes I have to open the scrobbling app manually. Also, it only seems to scrobble if I play 100% of a song (despite me using the default settings in simple LFM scrobbler, so it should scrobble if more than 50% has been played).

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    As an iOS user, I think I can't use another app that can scrobble the way it works on Android. I tested QuietScrob, it works if the song is played via the official iOS player, but what is played via Foobar is not scrobbled. Moreover, it's a paid app (beyond 30 scrobbles).

    Including this feature is definitely a good idea ! And if it works when songs are played from an UPnP server as well, that's even better.

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    I think it should too. If I do not have this feature in mobile, I will have to use my default music application.

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    Please? Also make sure to include options such what WiFi can it send data to, can it be used with mobile data etc...

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    +1 to this!

    Especially now that Groove Music in WP10 doesn't scrobble :'( I got Foobar hoping it would...

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