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Thread: Please add "Artist" on sorting

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    Please add "Artist" on sorting

    Please add "Artist" on sorting


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    Re: Please add "Artist" on sorting

    Yes please! The default "Album Artist" sends a lot of files over to Various Artists, which means I need to go do a lot of retagging or get used to looking in two places.

    Or can we do this on our own somehow?

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    Re: Please add "Artist" on sorting

    Quote Originally Posted by john74 View Post
    Please add "Artist" on sorting

    technically, it's there, just buried (and not on the home screen). if you go to "advanced search" you'll see "artist / album" at the top and this will group things exactly the way you'd expect the app to have done by default.

    unfortunately, i haven't found any way to get this on the home screen and have no idea who thought putting "album artist" on there instead was a good idea.

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    Re: Please add "Artist" on sorting

    I have to say that my personal preference is to browse by "Album Artist" typically, as it keeps the list shorter and more specific for the album performers. But I also don't see why there can't be a choice for Artist on the main library page as well. Best of both worlds.

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