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Thread: Ogg Vorbis and album art

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    Ogg Vorbis and album art

    I've been testing foobar2000 mobile on two Android devices (Nexus 10, Moto G) since more then a week, i'm very impressed so far, awesome work!!

    One question to the experts here, since I was not very successful on finding useful information on the web elsewhere.

    My music collection for home listening is stored on a NAS (Zyxel NSA 325v2) all in OGG with embedded album art (jpg, both front and back cover). When I use foobar2000 mobile, the album art is not displayed. Is this depending on the mediaserver installed on the NAS (twonky) or on some specification related to the OGG-file? The same files stored locally on the same devices show album art with no problems!
    Thanks for explaining!

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    Re: Ogg Vorbis and album art

    I Think it is clear to me now, that the problems was related to the Twonky server. Now I'm using (non embedded) "folder.jpg"'s and everthing is fine.

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