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Thread: W10M version feedback

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    Re: W10M version feedback

    Hello! The internal podcast app downloads content to Music\Podcasts. Could we implement a way to ignore that? Thanks.

    Where might I find a changelog for new releases?

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    Re: W10M version feedback

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    Re: W10M version feedback

    On the desktop: items on the right side are a little tight with the scroll bar.

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    Re: W10M version feedback

    I just drove to work and tried to use foobar. It does not work well over Bluetooth. The playback has an extreme stutter, like eh oh ch er eh oh er ch a... And the meta data didn't display the album title on the console. I have a Lumia 1520 windows phone, and my car is a 2014 Honda accord.

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    Re: W10M version feedback

    ^my phone is running windows 10 mobile, 10.0.14332.1001

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    Re: W10M version feedback

    Is this the correct place to provide feedback on Win10M Public Preview version?

    At first foobar2000 runs ok on my Lumia 950 XL.

    Then I loaded more (4000+) songs on my MicroSD card's Music folder, run Groove music for once, test some of the new songs.
    Then switch back to foobar2000, the app just stuck, can't control anything within seconds.
    and the phone is getting pretty hot, killing foobar2000 and re-opening it won't help, even after rebooting the phone, foobar2000 still stuck the time I opened it.
    Uninstalling foobar2000 and reinstalling it from the windows store, and re-indexing music library in foobar2000 seems resolved the issue.

    Then some suggestion:
    Album art: the album art displayed when playing seems not from the file, I've tried an album with 10+ discs (each disc have different album arts), the arts are all the same.
    App tile: only showing foobar2000 icon. Take MS's groove music as an example, when playing its tile will display and switch info between the song's info (song title, artist, year, genre) and the album art. This way of displaying info is useful and unique, and considerably easy to implement?
    Playlist: I think this is difficult to implement, but what I want to achieve is: I have every songs to have the <BPM> tag, I want to play a list of songs which %BPM% are between 120 and 140, for running exercises. Seems this scenario is not possible still, can't figure out how to achieve that on mobile phone, or work around it using a playlist.

    Thank you for making UAP version, although the functionality is restricted comparing to the win32 version, it still surprises me with so many settings and possibilities!

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    Re: W10M version feedback

    It's not unusual for Windows Phone versions to take several minutes or more to index a 500 song library, never mind a 4000+ song library. And we're not entitled to ask Microsoft how they make their music application so much faster. All file accesses to places like that require the use of horrible transactional file API, which slows things down considerably. The same libraries index in a tenth of the time on iOS and Android devices with similarly powered processors and fast storage.

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    Re: W10M version feedback

    Thanks for the prompt reply.
    I'm using a U3 MicroSD card with sequential read speed > 80MB/s, actually indexing 4k+ songs in both Groove Music and foobar2000 are pretty fast.
    The problem is after indexing in the Groove Music, foobar2000 hangs even after reboot, and the phone seems doing a lot of cpu-heavy actions making it really hot. There's no procmon or procexp in mobile phone, I don't know how to monitor those things on the phone. I'm just suspecting it's related to how foobar2000 is scanning the updated system built-in music library, or the indexing in Groove Music is not really done yet when I opened foobar2000, thus causing problems.

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    Re: W10M version feedback


    I've installed foobar mobile on my Lumia 930 (Windows 10). The most annoying issue is that I can't listen to music when screen goes off - it simply stop playing (same like for example VLC Player).

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    Re: W10M version feedback


    I noticed that it picked up my AMF tracker files when browsing my indexed files.

    Is there a complete listing of all file formats that are supported/to be supported?


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