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Thread: W10M version feedback

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    Re: W10M version feedback

    Thanks Peter. The stuttering hasn't been too bad on my phone, but it will be nice to hear it gone.


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    Re: W10M version feedback

    Version 1.0.29 runs very well on my Lumia 1520, OS 14367.0.
    Now I can even stream Internetradio stations via m3u or pls reliably, something none of the long existing apps like TuneIn or managed to do.

    Still some suggestions:
    1. For an UWP app, the design could be more streamlined, i.e. following the guidelines (But I think you're priority was the functionality - and I'm absolutely fine with this).
    2. Use the possibility to pin elements, like albums, playlists, probabaly even single files (It would be great if I was able to pin .m3u files to the startscreen to start radio stations directly).

    I think you're on a pretty good way to provide a desktop-like Foobar experience on Windows 10 Mobile!
    Keep it up!

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