This bug is happening to me on my Samsung Galaxy Note8 and it has always happened with foobar 2000.

First I set a song playing.

Then I pause the song by hitting a button on my headphones.

Wait a bit, maybe switch apps.

Then press the button again to start playing again.

It'll start playing but then after a while, it'll stop, especially if the camera is covered so that the phone thinks it's in the dark.

It's like there's two different states: normal state and bugged state. In bugged state, the only way to return to normal state is by quitting and restarting the app. Also, whenever it's in bugged state, foobar2000 tracks also don't show up in ScrobblOrDroid. They do show on there in normal state.

This is super frustrating and it is the biggest problem with foobar2000 on android for me. I wish I had better words to describe this.