Hey everyone,

I'm having trouble with an artist that may have had the wrong artist name initially when added to the iOS app. What should have been listed as "DJ" was listed as "Dj" and now no matter how many times I delete, edit my tags of the original mp3, re-add the album via iTunes or upnp it still keeps showing "Dj" instead of "DJ". There are no additional tags with "Dj" still there as I've cleaned all the tags up so there are only track number, title, artist, album artist, album title and genre. Every other tag is deleted. My temporary fix was to add an additional character into the artist name (I chose a space.... less obvious) but I am looking for a fix. I have about 50GB of music so I'd rather not delete and re-download the app and with that add all that music again. I feel like the artist name with "Dj" is just in the cache somewhere and i need to clear it but can't see any other way.