I am using Masstagger to edit the tags of my FLAC files and have been noticing that after Masstagger edits my files, the Track Name no longer shows up in Windows Explorer anymore. When I load the FLAC files that I editted in Masstagger into Tagscanner or MP3TAG, all the Metadata is there as it should be, it just doesn't show up in Windows Explorer.

I Think I may have made some progress on what triggers this issue. I downloaded some free sample flac files and tried to replicate the issue I was having but unfortunately was unable to with the samples I downloaded. After comparing the sample files to the actual FLAC files I was tagging in Foobar I noticed that the sample files did not have album art embeded in them.

I took one of my real FLAC files that I was having an issue with and removed the album art then re-ran Masstagger in Foobar. To my surprise the tagging worked and still shows up in Windows Explorer. I then tried this with a couple dozen other FLAC files I have, all with album art embedded, removed the art then re-ran masstagger and was able to successfuly get them to have their titles show up in Windows Explorer.

I really would not like to have to remove the album art from all of my files, tag them with masstagger, then re-add the album art.