Is it possible to integrate Foobar2000 into Google Assistant? For instance, I could say "Play my song 'Remedy'" and it would result in Google Assistant using Foobar to play a song stored on my phone called "Remedy." This would require Google Assistant allowing me to set Foobar2000 as my default music player, which currently it does not allow. (Google Assistant seems to only allow online streaming services for this function.) If this is not at all possible, then let me know what kind of assistant (Cortana, etc.) would allow this. Even "Use Foobar2000 to play 'Remedy'" does not work, last time I checked. "Open Foobar2000" works, but that would be a multi-step process just to play one song or one album. "Use Foobar2000 to play all songs shuffled" would be really cool, if it worked.

It's a bummer I can't use voice commands to just play a song that is stored on my phone. If I wanted to use a streaming service (Spotify, Google Music, etc.) to play a song, that isn't a problem. I don't want to kill my mobile data allowance or pay $10 a month for the privilege of picking a song to play. I already own these songs.

Voice commands are really useful for those of us who want to control things from within our cars and still drive safely.