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Thread: Support Nextcloud storage or ampache

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    Support Nextcloud storage or ampache


    i am a happy nextcloud user, i have it running on my raspberry pi and store all my music there. Most of the music i flequently listen to, is also stored on mybmobile phone too, but for storage reasons i can not have all with me, so sometimes it would be nice to have a decent way to play it directly from the pi. The webinterface is working but not as good as a music player. In nextcloud i use the music app which features an ampache server, but due to lack of a decent client for android, this is not very helpfull at the moment.

    I would love to either add thw ampache server or a webdav share or even direct nextcloud storage to the foobar2000 library, this would enable me to use the same player for local and remote music...

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    Re: Support Nextcloud storage or ampache

    Btw, foobar2000 is thw first player that seems to be able to replace the ageing mortplayer music for me, which is no more supported and will sooner or latwr stop working on newer android versions...

    Thanx for that... ;-)

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