back during the ipod classic days, it was convenient to simply connect the ipod, and tell the foobar desktop program to synchronize and everything was taken care of automatically. unfortunately, that kind of syncing functionality was never added for foobar mobile. fortunately, with the built in ftp server you can automate most of the work so that all you have to do is start the server on your phone, and then double click a batch script on your pc.

Tools Needed:



1. install winscp on your pc
2. configure/enable ftp server on foobar mobile
3. open winscp, and add foobar's ftp info (save the configuration and password. a name with no spaces or special characters is recommended)
4. make a folder on your computer somewhere for your automation scripts (C:\ipsync for example)
5. make a batch script (mine is called ipsync.bat) inside your folder with the following lines:

winscp.exe /console /script=ipsync.txt

(replace "ipsync.txt" with the name of the text file you will create in step 6)

6. make a txt file inside your folder with the following lines:

open Iphone
synchronize remote "F:\Storage\Music\" "/foobar2000 Music Folder/"
(replace "Iphone" with the name you used when saving your ftp server in step 2, replace "F:\Storage\Music" with the location on your machine where you have stored your music)

7. open the windows environment variable editor, and add "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP" to PATH. (if you don't do this, the script is going to say "can't find winscp" when you try to run it)

8. run your ipsync.bat file. you'll see a command prompt pop up showing you all your music files, and when it closes, everything in your computer's music folder will be on your phone.


since this involves saving your ftp info in winscp, it would be a smart move to go into your router settings and create a dhcp reservation for your phone so that it always gets the same ip address. if your phone's ip address changes, winscp won't have the information to connect, which means the script won't be able to do anything.

this was written in the context of a windows pc and an iphone, but there is no reason it should work for android users. someone could likely make a similar setup for linux/osx users as well if they find an ftp client that can be scripted and has a good synchronize function.