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Thread: Lock screen and fly-mod

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    Lock screen and fly-mod

    Good afternoon.
    I immediately apologize for the crooked tongue. English is not my native language. I am using google.translate.
    I have been using this win version player for a long time, and recently I found out that it is also on android. But I found two problems: displaying the tool bar on the lock screen and stopping playback when the flight mode is turned off.

    1. Huawei Honor 5a. That says it all. He often has problems with lock screen.
    Notifications are included. The lock screen theme allows you to have a player interface, the native one works (it also happens that the theme itself does not have this functionality).
    It seems to me that (regarding EmUI) the player itself should ďask the systemĒ for access to the lock screen. The switch "Lock screen. Display on the lock screen button" on the page of the native player does NOT disable the display of the interface of the native player. I canít see what exactly she is doing at the code level, but it seems to me that she would have displayed an alert if the player had given a critical error, urgently requested an update, or ... received a message? That is, some kind of action that leaves an alert for the user after committing. Like a messenger.
    But the player does not have such alerts, accordingly (it seems to me) this switch is not applicable for this problem.

    2. Everything is clear from the annotation. Here is the screen of the console. This is a problem with bluetooth.

    The forum has topics similar to this, but on them I could not find a solution to my problem. I apologize for the duplication.

    Huawei Honor 5a (Lyo-l21), Android 5.1, EmUI 3.1.
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