Hi all!

New user in the forums here, just registered to report this annoying issue with the GREATEST player ever (happy user on Windows as well).

Please forgive me if this has been posted before; I've tried to search for it.

Please consider and fix the following:
  • Play or download a track from your local (home) network, say FTP or UPNP via WiFi, in the evening (might be important).

  • Leave your local network, in the morning (might be important).

  • Try to run fb2k. It just shows the foobar start screen forever. EVENTUALLY it will show the last track, but that can't be played (of course, because you are not connected to your local net). Kill it, do whatever, fb2k will not run AT ALL, until...

  • You reach you local network: then the fb2k will start normally.

This has happened to me several times, and it drives me nuts, as you may be able to imagine

Note: If you try to simulate this by just turning off your WiFi on the mobile (after playing or downloading something from you local net), it will NOT show this behaviour. fb2k will show your local FTP- and UPNP-servers, and continue as normal. I have no idea why, nor if there is another certain condition (time after playing?) and if you are able to identify the issue, or where in the code a time-out is missing.

This is for fb2k v1.146 (&older) on iOS v12.4 (&older) on iPhone XR (&6s).

BTW, did I mention that I LOVE fb2k, on mobile and on Win? It would be OVERWHELMING UNBELIEVABLE GREAT if fb2k was available on Linux and/or BSD...

Thanks for reading!
Cheers, django19